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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this site?!

Wizardchan is an image-based forum (imageboard) for male virgins where they can share their thoughts, vent, and discuss their interests and lifestyle as a virgin.  It inherits many of the attributes the characterizes the popular 4chan imageboard. However, in contrast to other imageboards, Wizardchan caters exclusively to male virgins who may be a NEET or hikikomori, and who may be afflicted by physical or mental illnesses such as depression and social anxiety.

The name Wizardchan is inspired by a meme of Japanese origin. As stated in the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:

sanjyuu sai made doutei wo uranuku to mahoutsukai ni nareru
If you pass the age of thirty as a virgin, you become a wizard.

Wizardchan users are collectively known as wizards, although the more precise terms are apprentice wizard and wizard (for 30 years or older virgins).

Please note that you must abide by the rules in order to post.

What are the different boards on this site for?

How do I format my text?

I found a post that violates a rule. What should I do?

You should immediately submit a report and ignore (or hide) the post in question. To report a post, click on the square box that's on the top left of the post.

Please do not acknowledge or reply to the poster. A moderator will attend to the post as soon as possible.

How can I check if I'm banned from posting?

Visit the banned page.

Is Wizardchan accepting new janitors or moderators?

Please refer to the jobs page.

What do some of the terms on this website mean?


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