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welp, looks like it's your birthday. it's your birthday now, your birthday of the rest of your life
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Politics Thread #84: Forbidden Philosophy


Previous thread: https://archive.vn/T7t1T
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Anti-Crawl Thread CXV

No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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How to significantly help parents

I dont care about people in genera; not in the edgy misantrophic sense -I genuinely dont care about them- but I do love my parents or at least owe them a lot.
Given that Im a neet: how can I help them have more money, so they can do stuff they like/save more, etc?
I thought of:
>convincing them to apply for tax extemption off my disability pass (they think "thats for those who need it" so they havent done it)
>Take care to unplug my devices when Im not using them, because plugged machines consume energy even when off
>Use less cellphone ,internet and vidya, also to consume less energy
less energy=way cheaper electricity bill for them
Any other tricks or cheats I can use for this noble undertaking?
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Reading 4chan and Feeling Awful

General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?
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ok bros, i thought lolis were just a niche a topic that sweaty weebs get mad over when discussing it
but normalfags caught on and you really get in trouble when joking about it.
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Webm / MP4 Thread

Post wiz-centric WEBMs and MP4s in this thread. Politics, "rekd", or normalfag interests are NOT allowed.
R: 30 / I: 1
How do you feel about police, wizards? Are policemen helpful, competent and friendly in your country?
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Let's discuss which supplements we currently take and which ones have worked for us and just have a general discussion about supplements.

No posts about drugs, psychiatric meds or illegal substances in the supplement thread, please.
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Last Fap Thread 68

Share the 2D pics, videos, or GIFs you enjoyed in your recent fap sessions

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:
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Most humans are evil, which causes a conundrum for non-evil humans. I feel bad for a random human who is the victim of bullying, but considering 90% of humans are bullies, there is a 90% chance the victim would bully other humans if given the chance. Stupidity is a cause of evil behavior, which complicates the conundrum. If you can convince a normal-minded human that its ok to inflict suffering on people who don't drink milk, the normal-minded human would do so.
A lot of people may agree with the analogy, until they hear what I believe are real life examples of this analogy. Never have I heard a good reason why having sex with children or animals is immoral, or why someone who does so should suffer. Most normal-minded humans would inflict suffering on someone who has sex with children or animals, because they are evil, and they are evil because they are stupid.
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Will anyone be watching fishtank.live?

It's a liveshow produced by Sam Hyde in which several participants live in a house that gets livestreamed 24/7 for 6 weeks and the viewers can basically pay to make things happen in the house. The participants they showed so far really seem delusional, apparently they are also neet stoners and not allowed to smoke for the show. I wonder how this will be and if it will be just crazy or a bullying shitshow. This has potential to be one of the most controversial liveshows ever made.

It starts today at 6pm EST
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Hooray! I made it.

Decided the event was worth looking up a bunch of normies from highschool. Almost all of them were clearly miserable and/or divorced.

The years we spent outside of the social game provide a far stronger foundation and coping skills for the increasing isolation of age. As long as you don't want kids, we are all gonna make it.
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Every new person = same archetype

Anyone here talks to random strangers online? Ever since 2016 or so I noticed a pattern. About 99% of people have now same views, say same things, like similar new popular media. Everything'a feel like hazy dream. I have been talking to same person the whole time.
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Last Fap Thread 67

Share the 2D pics, videos, or gifs, you enjoyed in your recent fap sessions

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:
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the ais on character.ai give pretty good advice no matter the ai you are talking to
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Where to find conversations on the internet?

I noticed that conversations online seem to mostly happen one way nowadays. Someone starts a topic and then people reply to it and the creator of the topic may reply to a few of them but that's it.

And that's if anyone even replies to the topic. So most of the time when you post something you get ignored. I am not the smartest or interesting guy so maybe my posts were just bad but I feel like I put in enough effort to ask questions that can't be answered with a simple search and could lead to an interesting conversation.

This just makes me feel lonely. I imagine most are fine with this way of conversation since they have IRL friends but I don't. How can I satisfy my desire for conversation? I still prefer it to be anonymous and in groups because talking 1 to 1 makes me anxious.
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Have you ever been bullied?

Share your experiences. Empty your heart out.
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Essential tremor/ Anxiety related tremor

Anyone here suffer with this? I find very few anons discussing this condition, so I don't how common it really is.
If you do have it and it's noticeable, what is your experience with it? Do you have any techniques for reducing or trying to hide it? I personally used propanolol, but stopped because it seemed the effects were getting weaker and weaker.
I remember having this even as a kid and never really payed attention to it too much, but in recent years it has become very apparent. It affects mainly my hands but also my head slightly, and anxiety greatly exacerbates it.
The fact I can't hide it well irritates me, since when I'm in a stressful situation and need to use my hands, performance anxiety always gets the better of me.
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Why is 4chan still the most popular imageboard by far?

There are about 70x as many posts on r9k than there are on Wizchan. Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan? Are they too built into the habit of using 4chan to make the switch?
And its not how old a board is, either. 7chan has existed since 2006 (I'm pretty sure), and it's /b/ board has only 815,000 posts, while 4chan's /s4s/ board, which has only existed since 2013, and has amassed 10,000,000 posts.
How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
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Fucked up sleep schedule

Why does this keep happening?

>stay awake for 20 hours so I can go to bed later and slowly move towards waking up early

>wake up after 4 hours and feel too awake to fall asleep again and yet too tired to do anything
>will randomly sleep for 12+ hours just when I thought I fixed my sleep schedule
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m-muh ban evasion

>You've been banned at least 25 times in the past two years for Rules 3, 4, and 5. Much of these bans you don't see because you IP hop so much. Despite being banned you still manage to openly mock the users here for hours each night, which doesn't do your case against VPN restrictions any help.

>Sorry you can't post from work and school anymore but that's the consequence of being chronically butthurt and taking it out on random wizards.

Actual, total lies. Holy shit. I didn't IP-hop before rule 5 bans. I didn't IP-hop at all. I'm not going to respect your butthurt-bans, obviously, which is what rule 5 is. You're blatantly making shit up about rules 3 and 4, but that's beside the point. I'm not actively mocking anybody here (beside the staff after your admitted 25-chain ban for rule 5 lol), especially not for rule 4 (feel free to link a post you think I violated it with, you supreme retard, let's see that stretchy logic). Rule 5 is clearly an excuse to ban anybody for any reason. Plus, you're fat.

You're actually so mad and delirious that you're applying bans to me. You all have a personal problem with getting anally raped by my superior oratory. I haven't even been banned a quarter as much on 4chan AND any other website combined, in over 20 years!!! You niggers have a fucking problem inside your brains.

Furthermore, the thread only exists because you accused me of spamming your gay, dead website. You faggots are dumb as hell. I could post a response in meta directly under normal circumstances, but you dipshits literally damage site functionality with your idiotic pettiness. I get banned for metaposting on meta. Amazin'! Suck my dick, little dumb niggers.
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Christianity General

ITT: Anything related to Christianity

Are you Christian or interested in Christianity?
What is your belief? Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant?
Recommend YouTube channels or books you read etc.

Just a general thread to discuss the Christian Faith
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Real vs Imagined role of the police and court system

Police exist to keep society safe! Just call 911 if something happens and it'll be all ok
Officers regularly insult, threaten or belittle suspects, hand out fines they know will lose in court just to intimidate, overstep their legal bounds and often barely understand the regulations they enforce. If they get caught abusing their power the unions will cover it all up and they are almost never prosecuted.

If you call the police to report a crime that isn't life-threatening it will take hours before they get back to you and usually they'll tell you to drop it. If your case makes it to court you'll spend thousands hiring overpriced sophists while the judge attempts to rationalize an essentially arbitrary decision rarely even connected to retributive justice. Not to mention the entire criminal justice system in the west is weighted to explicitly take racial considerations in account and downgrade punishments against minorities while exaggerating punishments against whites. People with nothing to lose like the homeless or repeat offenders can easily assault or vandalize property with little recourse.

If you think Law Enforcement exists to protect the population from anything but egregious white-on-white crimes, you have never actually interacted with them.
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which board here gets the most traffic would you say? i want to post a 40 year olds+ thread but dont know where to post it.

>in order to upload files you must disable your proxy

R: 43 / I: 33

foss android apps presentation

any wizards in the mood to talk about free android apps? i hope so, welcome to my ted talk about free and open (well mostly) android apps.

realistically i use like 5-10 apps on my phone: weather, music, newpipe (youtube) sudoku, osmand (open maps), calculator, clock, signal (for textmessaging) and calandar.

i have installed maybe 30 apps and most i don't use. i may have used them once or a few days but never longterm. i thought it would be fun to just talk about apps that are useful. whenever i look into my app drawer i am surprised how little of the possibilities i use. i just wanted to dive into them again. contributions and valid opinions based on principles are very welcome and appreciated by me. i intend on showing a few screenshots of apps i like and talk about them a bit. feel free to ask questions that relate.

first app i love is the alternative app store i use. i don't have google play on my phone, instead i get apps from the f-droid. you don't need the app to look what they offer, you can just see what they have with a browser.

this is the f-droid page about the f-droid app https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid.

i like the f-droid very much and i am grateful for it because i never felt good using google play. in the beginning i didn't know better but then after i found out how dirty google had become, it just wasn't fun anymore to use android, i hated it, it became a chore and i didn't care about anything that happens within google play. f-droid feels so much better to me.#

strangely it always works better when i install it and then when i don't update if for months and months then suddenly the thumbnails stop working but other then that it has never disappointed me.
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most productive way to get morning news?

I like reading about what's new in the world during breakfast. With hobbies I know which sites to check for news but what are the best ways to get informed about what's happening without being shown a lot of noise and pointless negativity?

I used to like reddit for showing me things I wouldn't even be able too look for. Like some guy making a cool diy project, or some interesting trivia or pictures of some rare animal I didn't know existed before… but now there is too much politics and outrage shit. I know life is not all sunshine and rainbows but I don't need to see a video of someone getting beaten up…

I don't fully know what I am looking for. Something to broaden my horizon. Something to get a feel for the world.
R: 10 / I: 1
years ago, wizardchan made a list about what wizzies learn through their years of knowledge about diverse thing they learned about. but alas, I lost it. does someone knows what Im talking about, can someone have it?
R: 10 / I: 1

the future after internet

VR is the next thing coming after internet/comptuers. in VR you can use the internet like you used the internet in your psp, ps3. VR is just a device but the screen can emulate the real internet
R: 14 / I: 1


I want to learn about philosophy but I'm a NEET. is there some pdfs for beginners?
R: 67 / I: 12

feelings of anti technology sentiment

technology used to fascinate me so much but now i don't like it anymore. when there is some invention coming i always assume there is such a high chance that this will only be used for evil that i usually just disregard it without giving it it's fair chance of impressing me. there is probably plenty of useful stuff i don't care about simply because i am repelled by how they treat people in technology. like cattle, like children. in my heart i feel more and more like an amish, a more simple person who would prefer to build his own wealth with more simple machinery, without the presence of drones, cameras, credit cards,…

AI has been such a turn off. everytime i hear something about AI, my face cringes as if i bit a lemon. i just dont wanna know what it can do anymore. how shit i imagine the world to be if it is full of this artificial perfectly politically correct computer poop.

i've been hearing this word luddite a lot. maybe there is already a sentiment growing.
R: 138 / I: 8
Can Internet be fixed? Can a bit of its old charm be taken back? Or is already done for?

Even imageboards seem to be in decay
R: 303 / I: 188

Webm / MP4 Thread

Last thread hit the bump limit

Post video files in to this thread that you feel other wizards might enjoy. Please keep politics in the current politics thread.
R: 58 / I: 3

Blood pooling

Anyone else have this? How do you deal with it? Also general health problems thread.
R: 136 / I: 11

Maybe the problem is testosterone?

People who block testosterone generally become nicer persons, who are more sociable. You don't have to transitioning, just begin with bicalutamide and gets a bit of that serenity.
R: 14 / I: 1


I'm not listening to communist/leftypol garbage or the retard rogan experience but that's about it. Neuroscience and current events is eajy. Nonfiction audiobooks are good too assuming they're not too dated

I'm talking 120 hours here. I'm loading up on the huberman podcast right now
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Brown People

Serious question, why are brown people incapable of building and maintaining a safe prosperous first world country on equal footing with (previously) predominantly white countries like America or Britain? Is it genetics? Culture? White supremacy? I don't know I just find it fascinating that brown people do not have a non shithole country to call their own.
R: 109 / I: 7


Were any of you bullied at school? If If so,share your experiences. How do you cope all these years later?
R: 225 / I: 18

Any Wizards who lived in the 90s-2000s

>be born in the year 1996
> in between phase between skinny TVs and fat CRT computers used windows XP in school
> was in kindergarten during 9/11 remember all the adults crying while walking me home from school
I've been digging around the internet archives and looking at TV and ads in the VHS collection going all the way back to the 80s. Things seemed so good then…. can anyone older explain to me in detail what those times between the 90s and early 2000s where like ? the 85-99 period seemed really peaceful considering the type of TV that was on…what happened ?

Pic unrelated.
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Anti-Crawl Thread CXIV

No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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VIRGIN TERRITORY: 50 Years Without Sex My Life As An Involuntary Virgin


Well, that was… a interesting reading
R: 107 / I: 6

Going gay/bisex because of misogyny

Anyone contemplates this? I have a serious dislike for wo-men and believe they are nothing but imperfect humans, subhumans if you prefer that term. I want to be gay but the most I ever masturbated to was tranny porn. When I tried jerking to gay porn I felt sick last time. (Been 10 years ago at least). So I'm thinking of training myself with 2D males. I'm attracted to 2D males the most, then after them 2D females. I'm disgusted with 3D people and try to avoid 3D porn at this point.

I never thought of myself as gay before, at most bisexual because I fapped to trannies or traps (both 2D and 3D porn) but now I want to make myself gay. At least when it comes to 2D. I'm attracted to Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night the most. What are some obligatory gay-core/bromance books or fiction? Anime, movies, cartoons, TV shows, manga, VN recommendations are welcome and anything else related to the subject. Anti-female media or studies/books are also welcome.
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wizards love exercising they love feeling powered out from a hot workout session

when was the last time you exercised
R: 33 / I: 4

personal organisation

oh hello there wizzerds.

can anyone recommend a nice way to organize time?

i feel like i am wasting time too much and don't end up spending it on the things i want to do. i lack a system i like for keeping track on what i want to do and end up wasting time playing steam and watching retarded video game content because i am stuck in indecision on what to do. i can't even find a way to list all the things i want to do. i can't even decide if i want to go digital or paper-based.

calendars don't seem to work for me because as soon as i go out of synch with the plan then the whole day falls appart.

maybe i need something more unique.
R: 14 / I: 1

Inducing sociopathy

Seems like a pretty handy skill-set to be able to prime, particularly their ability to mitigate intense stress and suppress conscience
R: 12 / I: 2

Comfy thread

What do you like to do to get comfy? I like to get high, order a ton of food, indulge in nostalgia, and game all night
R: 22 / I: 1
during my years of browsing 4chan, when confronting memes, I had this thought: memes are hasbeen/outdated. I like wizchan because it's a post-meme website, thanks to the rules who ban 4chan memes
R: 8 / I: 1

full detox(organs,skin,body)G5,vax,nanobots

how do I REALLY detox myself from parasites, smart dust, nanobots, vaccines, and all the shit thats been getting into my body for decades?
I plan to follow the "parasite pill" protocols, to do dry fast+ tons of sauna\sweating(not all at once), to do Fat Recycle and drastic fat loss then regain muscle on real food.
Im full ,as 99% of humans are, of metals, poisons, smart micro machines. how do I get rid of it ALL?
R: 21 / I: 6

Advice needed

Some faggots are pushing me around at school. I need advice on how to stop these fuckers from pushing me around. What should I do?
R: 9 / I: 2


I am bored out of imageboard, what should I next migrate to? the imageboards I use are 4chan wizchan lainchan and tohnochan but I don't want to be part of image oard culture anymore, where should I go?
R: 38 / I: 5

My dad has only asked me a couple of questions my whole life

The only things he has ever asked me is
What do you want to eat?
When are you going to get a haircut?
When are you going to have a bath?
Did you go to sleep at night?
When are you going to apply for jobcentrer money?
When are you going to buy new clothes?

I have lived with him my whole life.
R: 19 / I: 0
How much effort do you put into appearance?
When I look at other men they always have recently cut hair and tidy clothes, clean shoes
Meanwhile I got stains on my jacket and pants, shoes are really dirty, and haven't had a haircut in months
R: 12 / I: 0

Generation Alpha


Generation Alpha is screwed if they don't become conservatives. To clarify, to be a conservative, you don't need religion.

R: 305 / I: 28


Is anyone on drugs? I'm high on weed.

>first drug/how old

>what are you on now

>what drugs do you want to try

>trip report?
R: 47 / I: 5

Power Fantasy

You wake up tomorrow and find that you are omnipotent. You can do anything you want to. How would you use that power? Would you use it responsibly, for the sake of others? Or selfishly, for yourself? Would you create a new world? Would you erase all existence? Would you be the tyrant of the universe?

To be honest I'd probably go around killing and torturing people in various ways, from house to house all over the Earth. Yeah, I'm an edgelord, whatever.
R: 72 / I: 11

come watch a debate with me, might be fun

in ~2 hours there is going to be a debate between two people i consider interesting livestreamed to youtube, maybe some wizards want to hang out and watch it? here is the link:


dude on the left might be most cancelled dude ever: he used to be gay, now he is very christian and celibate. he is still active in political drama and is currently building a clinic where he wants to offer electroshocking therapy to people who are tired of being homosexuals.

the dude on the right i don't know as much about but he is respected by the allmighty Louis Rossmann who fights for the right to repair. the other thing i know about him is that he has at least some professional starcraft background. being able to play starcraft competitively to me is a guarantee for someone who knows how to use his brain.

i would expect a more conservative leaning christian to be systematic, logical and maybe even somewhat robotic. i would expect a more liberal atheist to be more creatively expressive and concerned with humor. i guess they both defy my expectations which is why i hope this debate might be worth the time.
R: 11 / I: 4

wiz fashion

I wonder how wizards dress, I take model off manga characters. yeah I know it sucks but I lile how they dress
R: 2 / I: 0

Practical applications of self-awareness?

I was asked about my talents in a therapy session and being a loser I said "none" and they said everyone has a talent and while I disagree it made me think a bit more about it and pretty much the only thing that stands out is that years of solitude developed my self-awareness.

Also being a loser made me open minded, empathetic and hard to offend. Some people if you say the wrong thing they stop talking to you like you failed the dialogue in a video game.

But so far these "skills" only crippled me. My self-awareness is like bloatware that is wasting my processing power by adding unnecessary thoughts to everything. It's paralyzing me as I try to predict how me and my actions might be perceived instead of just acting.

Empathy I feel like is just counter-productive as it makes it harder to focus on furthering your interests ignoring others.

And my openness leads to me having a complex world view that again feels crippling because simplicity makes acting easier.

So if these things can even be called "skills" is there a practical way to use them?
R: 11 / I: 0
I don't know. I really do not know what to do. Should I get into IT or become an artist? very difficult decision.
R: 47 / I: 4
I have realised life is limited: time is limited, youthfulness is limited, resources such as calories consumed and expended, money, general resources, KM transversed are ALL limited and their number is even pre-determined.
I thus want to focus mostly of religion but catholicism is a heavily socialised activity: group rosary, parish activities, going to different churches to achieve more than one mass a day.
what do I do? how do I sort out my sphagetti dropping to properly live my religion as my heart calls me to do?
R: 38 / I: 2

Ejaculatory anhedonia?

aka the inability to feel pleasure from ejaculation/orgasm. I'm curious if anyone else here has this. Generally it's caused by anti-depressants but I've had it my entire life.
R: 12 / I: 0
I can't read more than 2 pages before I space out or begin to feel headaches. My attention spam is ridicule, especially in my school days. I couldn't study for more than 30 minutes without suffering diminished returns.

I want to learn so many things but I can't even finish some articles or threads of this site.

Maybe my brain's RAM is fried or something.
R: 17 / I: 2
imagine we're in a high school and we decide to gather together, what kind of friends will we be to the group
I'd be the one who ask lot of questions,
what about you my friend?
R: 293 / I: 41

Cryptocurrency/Investing Thread lll: Tax Season Edition

A thread to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency and investing

R: 7 / I: 0

Advice for SSI Review

Hey fellow Wizchads, sorry If I posted this in the wrong thread I'm a lurker and this is my 1st post.

I am greatly in need of some advice for an Upcoming SSI CDR Review. I have Been on SSI since 2006 (Got put on AutismBux as a kid) but this is my first time doing a review by myself. I am nervous & worried for the worst outcome. I was curious if anybody has had experience with SSI reviews and is willing to share their advice.

To try to make it short I suffer from Anxiety, as well as PTSD, Depression, Anger Issues and a Neuron Imbalance (similar to ADHD) all due to Physical & mental Abuse I suffered From My Parents as an Infant. (They'd do f*kd up shit like pour bleach on my head or burn me with a Clothing iron because I cried. Was Taken in by my Grandmother around 2-3)

My medical history is pretty well documented. But I haven't been in the medical system for about 1-2ish years due to covid so I am calling my clinic Today to get an appointment to get back on Prozac and Vyvanse. And am contemplating seeing a psychiatrist for a Schizoid/Schizophrenia Diagnosis. Any advice to pass the review Would Greatly Be Appreciated.

Like most Wizards I have NO family or Friends to turn to for help, NO source of income besides Skitzobucks, I don't even Have a License because I don't know how to drive.

Thanks Bros
R: 121 / I: 12

Leftist Wizards

I know we have some leftist thinking wizards here. Come, let's discuss how to destroy the middle class capitalist normalfag dystopia we live in. Who are your role models and biggest inspirations? Mine is probably Bakunin. When did you become a leftist and why? How do you think we can wake people up to revolutionary ideologies? What do you do to fight the oppression?
R: 9 / I: 2

Behold the A.I

Let's go full schizo for a minute.

Over the last two weeks there was a big increase of posts and threads with a user activity that is unusual for wizchan. Some threads are always based on the same topic and the replies are very frequent and always with a similar amount of characters. Very often it just looks like there is an AI involved. Somehow it feels off.
R: 1 / I: 0
I was wondering if posting pic of itself is bannable? It isn't written on the rules so I was wondering if we could post pics of ourselves to see how the average wizzie looks like, m'kay?
R: 6 / I: 0

Normies and the Work Productivity Complex

Wizchads…What the Fuck is it with Normgroids And their Undying Slavish Obsession with Work & Productivity?

Crab, Capitalist & Communist alike. Absolutely EVERYTHING with Normies is focalized around their Collective Stockholm like Love-Hatred of Working. They cannot fathom the possibility of an individual NOT spending every waking moment producing & consooming.

Their entire life consists of being Gaslit and subsequently Gaslighting their children to effectively become the best
Bootlicking gelded jackass for Mr. Shekelberg.

They will endlessly talk about how they hate their jobs, their coworkers and boss. How they despise working, yet always arrogantly carry a smug pious pride about work. ESPECIALLY toward NEETs, Wizards, crabs and anyone else who does not produce or covet this outdated 40/40/40 working model.


The look of revulsion from crabs when they find out someone is a NEET or God forbid that they don't spend every waking moment they suck air working to consoom or produce is baffling. They are little more than Drones Operating a Script for the sake of preserving The Hive.

Crabs have clearly demonstrated that they don't care about NEETs, crabs & Wizzies. That they hate us for the crime of existing and actively go out of their way to ostracize and eliminate us for our way of life.

IMO The self-improvement cope is a psyop devised by normies purposefully to maliciously weed out & attack Wizzies.

The workplace social dynamic is Kryptonite to us wizards. Like a Rabbit trapped in the Jaws of a Wolf, Wizards are Helpless in this Gynocentric Crab Dominated Workforce. Normies instinctually recognize that and in their demented evil will to destroy us they gaslight Autists, Neets, wizards and crabs demanding that we "lEaVe tHe BaSeMeNt" and get a job.

Don't fall for the shame blame game, do what is best for YOU fellow Wizard.
R: 48 / I: 7

cornucopia of generic movies and shows

does any of this appeal do you? i made this screenshot of covers for tv shows and movies from a streaming site and i just could not care less about any of this mainstream garbage. i just stare at the page and shake my head in disbelief.

when i was younger i would watch a movie once in a while and had several tv shows i liked and followed but now it seems like i have seen it all. i definitely have not seen it all, i just can not imagine caring about this profit-driven conveyor belt art. it reminds me of sweatshops. it feels so empty and soulless. i start to watch something and as soon as any characters get introduced i yell at the screen "OH MY GOD WHO CARES" and then i turn it off and just watch youtube videos instead. i dont enjoy those either lol.

the entire world at my finger tips and nothing seems good enough. it is all just predictable, exactly what i would expect it to be.

as if someone made the cover and then the movie or show was just produced by artificial intelligence based on default data and idle-animations. could be me being grumpy, could be just how meaningless something is that is this widely available.

with some of those "artpieces" i expect them to be like the lower levels of twitch. there are (or used to be) thousands of people streaming themselves playing video games on twitch hoping to 'make it' and sustain themselves financially from playing video games and they would stream themselves and nobody would watch. there would be hundreds of people with 0 people watching. maybe some of these movies or shows are watched by 0 people. it is all automated and the movies get made in bulk, maybe some of them really not a single actual human clicks on and watches.

if a movie is cut down in the forrest and falls to the ground but there is nobody there to hear it, did it make a noise? i dunno.
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Interesting PDFs

Post PDFs that are interesting, like this one. I want them to not be really long, this one is a good length (25 pages).
R: 21 / I: 4

that feeling

what's that feeling I get sometimes where I wish I was born in america and be american, living in a american house and doing nothing all day but playing old video games, eating fastfood. this feeling gets me when the day is warm or I hear a relaxing song, or sometiles when I think about america
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Internet back then:
>Hundreds of forums, chats, websites and different communities with their own character
>Every day new content, new stories, new people
Internet now:
>Three or four sites all repeating the same memes, jokes and content. Big imageboards are dead, small communities dissapeared, no fansites anymore
>The same people, the same low quality content, nobody wants to do anything

When everything went SO wrong. Is like a NIGHTMARE.
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which app should I use to make a video game map in 3d? also how to understand it because I don't understand when yt channels talk about 'how to use X'. I don't understand it at all. my main goal is to make a city (cyberpunk style) can someone (a kinded heart) guide me please
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wizardchan goes... cyberpunk

hello wizzies, let mz introduce you cyber-punk! YES not the game the genre of course (that's the only pic I found about cyberpunk because this is the only kind of pic available now cyberpunk 2077 got released and is now assiocated with the genre, fuck this shit, anyway) lets go back to what I was telling you, cyberpunk is the genre I like the most but also the most missunserstood genre and creators butcher it everytime theu make somzthing cyberpunk. to all cyberpunk fans lzt's talk about cyberpunk
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why are we virgin?

it appears to be such a unique thing to be in life. I have never met such person in my life except on the internet. what causes this? psychological problems? extremely repelling physical appearance? no one is without any personality issues but never really anyone without any sexual experience, especially after a certain age. you come across actual schizophrenics, unemployed, homeless, crippled but I never met anyone who's virgin. of course it's not something you can just ask to anyone and get answers but anyone I've met and got close in time always at one point or another at least hinted at the act of doing. and of course there are always people who pay for sex too. so what is the deal with us? not only I don't exist for the opposite sex, despite having natural reproductive urges, very potent at times I somehow ended up where I'm at life with absolute zero sexual experience and I feel like that's the case for a lot of other people. how come?
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video/livestream platform comparison

good evening wizards. motivation has stuck me and i am trying to find out which video platforms i like. maybe to upload videos that nobody cares about or livestream. i'm just trying to understand what is out there.

i'm collecting info into a spreadsheet in calc (the libreoffice variant of excel) and i am trying to complete it. it was more elaborate and general at first but to actually complete it i made it more simplistic and personal. i know myself and often like to start things like that and not finish them so i try to keep this simple so i have a fighting chance to finish this.

if you have any helpful information, opinion, feeling or intuition about any or all of these places, please do share as you might help me or others who are just as overwhelmed by the situation as i am. there are probably good ones i have not even heard about.

i've only uploaded to youtube and odysee, for a few others i made research accounts already in an earlier attempt to do this research.

Here is a list of the current platforms i am looking at so far:
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Anti-Crawl Thread CXIII

No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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Really makes you think.

I wonder what could be meant by this…
Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Don't do anything illegal, though! That would be terrible! Biden can bomb Nord Stream, but don't you dare go outside the box!)
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I can't understand how trash like Discord greatly replaced old forums and chats.

The format just sucks so much, more than half of users are underages, and nothing interesting ever happens like in those old stories about 4chan trolling.

The worst part of it all is that trash has killed sites that existed previously like 4chan because the cliques that form around there end up leaking their shitty behaviour outside.
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Wizards, I need your knowledge and wisdom. I'm trying to change my sleeping habits, I have severe sleep problems, one of the reasons are my allergies, but other reason I suspect is a sleep disorder, like delayed sleep phase disorder. The perspective im taking is to reconsider every aspect of sleep, and i started to question if a spring mattress is the best choice.

I started to research on the bed choices of societies that weren't influenced by western customs, and the bed solutions previous to modern mattress in older civilizations. The information is practically non existant, theres no research on mattress technology, and the mattress industry is prone to put misinformation (you can check this out just by googling it)


So i want to make this thread to share information and learn if you want to contribute with your knowledge or experiences. I will go updating with more information on the thread as time passes.

The only and first thing you will find out there, is this article writen by physiotherapist Michael Tetley, "Instinctive sleeping and resting postures: an anthropological and zoological approach to treatment of low back and joint pain", where he says that a hard flat surface or the floor are the best resting locations for humans. He concludes this after studying various cultures around the world. The article doesn't have scientific rigour, its mainly the experiences and observations of this doctor, and according to his story you start to doubt his integrity (the guy is blind, says he lost his vision commanding a war batallion of Kenyans) but thats other thing. I think he has a point.



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disability buxx + sleep maxx

I am working on getting more disabilitybuxx than I already DO get + planning a 0 work plan to thrive off it and,furthemore, trying to figure out how to sleep for 10-14 hours on porpouse.
How do I force myself to sleep? how do I not ruin my health due to it? I already lift vigorously.
do you know any onion book,blog,etc, of some smart wizz. who managed to become mildly wealthy off living with parents and investing his various disability buxxes?
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anyone has a dream living in a castle?
I lile big mansion with many rooms and like castles, I always wanted to livr in a castle
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happy New Year to wizchan

I want to say happy New Year to Wizchan. May many of you wizard frens have a great New year in 2023
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Happy 50th wizbirthday

Today I become an arch mage and the oldest user on this site. Bow down before wizkids and wizards for I am too powerful and all knowing
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I think doctors and healthcare workers in general have the most miserable, inhuman jobs. imagine not only interacting with with norpers every day, but also having to take care of them and save their stupid lives.
makes sense now that i think about it when i read on the news about nurses or hospital/nursing homes personnel going crazy and killing patients by unplugging respirators or spiking their drips. you really have to be a psychopath or mentally ill to some degree to hold a job like that.
i remember that my mom used to work in the same hospital with a doctor who made the news by getting caught breaking old patients' bones to practice his surgical skills and sell prosthetics of a multinational corporation he had a contract with
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The function of comedy for normalfags

Does anyone else notice that stand up comedy is no longer funny at all?

I have seen these stand up "comedians" ruin their punchlines by giving sincere trigger warnings that ruin their "joke". I think people watch comedians not to laugh but get social cues and feel good about being a normalfag leftist retard.
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What was he thought on suicide? I don't remember him wriring down about that nor mentioning it
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The Ideal Size

I was reading through https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippodamus_of_Miletus#The_%22Best_State%22 and it got me wondering about generalizations of the principle of overpopulation and behavioral sinks (my god, we keep bringing up Mouse Utopia here) BEYOND just general human population. Is there an 'ideal size' for webforums, websites, fandoms, RPGs, etc.? If so, what is a good way to measure these 'ideal sizes' and what might be a method to maintain these 'ideal sizes' for these media?

When searching for content on the Internet, or in general, should one purposefully ignore material because it's too popular? I.e., because it comes from a source that is over this 'ideal size,' one would immediately know that it would fall prey to some sort of "cultural behavioral sink," and therefore should be considered suspect.
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Recently, Im developing (unintentionally) an obsession with training ALL muscles. even the most ignored, small "obscure ones".
Pics related. see this anatomy charts? I want to train every single of the named Muscles with weights,reps, targeting excercises. rhomboid minor, abductor magnus : high weight and mid reps for them!
is this weird? am I discovering a key to super-longevity?
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Russian/Ukrainian Wizards

Any Russian or Ukrainian wizzies out there? Without delving too much into politics, how has daily life changed for you? I’m a eurofag and I’ve been curious about how all this chaos has effected regular everyday wizards.
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Mysterious object washes up on japanese beach. What could it be?

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There's no exceptions to the norm

There's no real difference between psychopaths and the general public, the norm, they are one and the same. No compassion for anyone, they will still hurt you in the end. Humans are a horrible race of vile creatures.