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2ac2a No.53662

If I were to make a thread about wanting to commit suicide because of my abusive family or because of bullies, would it be acceptable for someone to come into that thread and defend the abusive family and the abusers?

If I were to make a thread in /dep/ about why I hate crabs and normie society, should we accept someone posting under this thread defending crabs and normies, let alone anywhere else on wizchan?

Obviously not, so then why do we allow bootlickers ( >>>/dep/217781 >>>/dep/217782 ) to defend bosses, wageslavery, and billionaires in the wageslave thread? They don't have any right being there, or else we ought to change the title from being wageslave general to something like the "voluntary employment" thread, which is what they are trying to argue this very moment. As if we are not really slaves working for wages, but our relationship is free and with no coercion, and we voluntarily deny ourselves liberty for 40 hours a week because if we didn't want to we would just start a business. This is what these motherfuckers are trying to argue in the wageslave thread of all places. Can mods please clean these motherfuckers up.

I didn't report them and made my own separate thread because I want to bring attention to something that I think we shouldn't tolerate in the /dep/ board of all places, but it is something I see get a free pass all too often.

Please do not reply on how you agree with the bootlickers statements. I only made this thread to discuss on why posts defending abuse should be tolerated in the /dep/ board. This is not limited to this example in the wageslave thread, but I'm only using it because it is the most common offense that I see since I don't browse the other /dep/ threads very often.

4b3fb No.53664

holy shit man. you're that same guy.
why are you so worked up about this? People like you are the reason nobody wants to talk about politics, you make everything so stressful for the truewiz population

2ac2a No.53668

I'm not the guy you're talking about. I've been meaning to make this thread for a while now but I've been lazy, and seeing that discussion on /dep/ finally pushed me to making it.

Also you don't have a license to do whatever the fuck you want on here (or maybe you do since the mods don't seem to give a damn). If you want to tell wizards that it's really their fault for being depressed and not a result of normies directly attacking them and being born into a normie world, then you're the only one causing toxicity, not the person defending himself from normies.

2ac2a No.53681

I agree, we shouldn't thought police people and I don't want the mods doing that, but /dep/ is a board made for vulnerable people and should be a safe space from them, not like the real world that constantly attacks them to make them depressed in the first place.

Why should anyone be motivated to even post in /dep/ if they make a thread only to be attacked by people defending their bullies? When you say you don't want thought police in a dep thread while people are victimizing a poor wizard on the brink of suicide because of his abusive parent making him get a job and saying he is worthless, then you are only acting as an apologist for people that do harm to fellow wizards and you become a bully yourself in that way.

Have you ever been bullied before? I would think most wizards have. I have for most of my life, and anyone that has been seriously bullied would know just what I'm talking about. In fact, bullying hits the hardest when it comes from the people you thought you could trust, from your own family and even those you thought you could find some solidarity with (wizards) in hard times. Why should we make it worse for them who have already gone through such horrible experiences and abuse?

Seeing this being tolerated, it is no wonder we have such trash like negan and other crabs coming here, because all the true wizards have been bullied out of posting here by people defending their abusers.

29501 No.53697

This is, what, the fourth or fifth thread you've made trying to get people who disagree with your political system banned? Do you think that if you just keep spamming these threads it will create the illusion of consensus?

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