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File: 1659542683143.png (103.35 KB, 689x837, 689:837, banned.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

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77e05 No.62464

retard alert

c5b7c No.62468

Mods even ban you for talking about their abuses of power on /meta/ now. Posting screencaps of the ban images from when the female mod was throwing a tantrum over cc hater gets you banned. The mods are trying to claim that those ban images are "fake" even though we all were here when she was permabanning people left and right on /b/ for making fun of her and crystal cafe. Not only are mods power abusers but they are also gaslighting psychopaths.

c2d7a No.62471

For a long time I thought the shitflinging at mods what just a meme. But recently (maybe new mods??) I noticed it. They, the mods, are wrecking this site. I suspect they are outsiders mostly at this point, I think some /pol/fags or r9kids. Now it is okay to encourage people to have sex and to praise the benefits of having a gf. This site is done for.

3747b No.62488

hm. i thought the 'history' function is what is tied to ip; something not visible in 'history' such as thread archives would not retain that data. especially not after the site was restored after the csam fiasco.


We prohibit (most) VPN users from posting images not because we want to know who is posting them, but because it prevents the general trolling and spambot crews from doing their harm. An entry is made in our log when a VPN spambot tries to post an image and typically after a few tries it ends up making its thread with no image. In the case of threads that link to CP download scams, the VPN block is probably rejecting 3DCD. This reason alone turns the minor inconvenience to you in to a gigantic lifesaver for the rest of us. This entry also shows that when we ban someone for being a knucklehead, there's a high likelihood of him/her coming back immediately to try flooding us in revenge. I'm glad we don't have to see what they're trying to show us!

>All posts here are archived forever

I actually wish we were capable of that but unfortunately millions of posts are gone forever just from the way we have things configured to keep the server clean. The Thread Archive serves the users and anyone posting can easily see that there is an archive here and figure out that their post may end up in it. So yeah if you make a post there is a chance it will stick around until our disk burns out. If you're not comfortable with that then tough cookies. If it makes you feel better, the Thread Archive doesn't save the IP information of posts when it saves them, so not even I can see who made them.

>Deleted user posts are not deleted

Like with almost every other site, posts deleted by the staff are kept in one form or another so we can A: see if a user has a history of breaking the rules, and B: so it can be restored in the event of an error in judgement. Routinely I go and delete the media that was attached to deleted posts, so most of the deleted posts older than a few months would be broken if we went and tried to view them. When a user deletes his own posts and images, it is gone for good with no record accessible to the staff that it ever existed.

I'm considering removing the VPN ban from /meta/ anyway. It was put in place back when we were still chiseling out the rules, but I don't see any major changes in the future. at least none that we'd bother asking the users' opinions on ;^)

4b35a No.62490

OOOooOOooOoOo look at mr. Fancy Pants with his big red name!

>but I don't see any major changes in the future. at least none that we'd bother asking the users' opinions on ;^)


77e05 No.62491

>try to make successor board
>attach a bunch of mindlessly autistic personal stipulations to a straightforward japanese meme
>hemorrhage users and the ones that stay constantly purity-spiral about who is the prettiest truwiz of them all
>wtfff!!!? wat did we ever do to earn such a shitty userbase!?!?!
Perception: 0
Intelligence: 0
and you still have broken links at the top, lil nigga

02e31 No.62492

>mindlessly autistic personal stipulations to a straightforward japanese meme
Still mad you can't post >tfw no gf here every hour?
You crabs (yes crabs) don't realize the context of the quote "30歳まで童貞を貫くと魔法使いになれる". It was said to a succubus offering sex to blow her away. 30歳まで童貞を貫くと魔法使いになれる is a mantra to deter succubi, not a sad poem to recite when you don't get to touch a succubi's butt.

77e05 No.62493

>hurr crab
It's funny to imagine all the retarded terminology here being said in any other context and having it just end up sounding like a special ed class on a field trip.
But no, my presumptuous little nigger, that's the only good rule. 1 is stock, 3 is selectively enforced (what, going to a TCG tournament is a bannable offence? Pssst, my first ban was for even less), same with 4 and 6 (loli has gotten people successfully prosecuted in USA, shocking to weeaboo idiots I know), 5 is the delirious mod tantrum panic button for when no rules were violated but ass damage demands retribution anyway, 7 doesn't go far enough, unless you just recently banned Andrew then I don't think I've ever seen 8 upheld (nor do I particularly care that it is), 9 and 10 are stock, 11 is retarded since telling you to fulfil the duty you're failing is your own fucking fault lol and 12 is common sense more than anything.
Feel free to keep your dad's and uncle's cocks firmly lodged in your ears, though, turbofaggot. "Succubi" is plural btw.

02e31 No.62494

Stopped reading there.

02e31 No.62496

Nice gangstalk.

77e05 No.62497

>We use since as a subordinating conjunction to introduce a subordinate clause. We use it to give a reason for something.

12597 No.62498

File: 1660258104226.jpg (47.36 KB, 564x400, 141:100, 1633215984368.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>lil nigga
Saunter on back to Twitter or Tiktok, thanks!
You're wrong here since "since" is also used to denote "from an earlier time until the present."

77e05 No.62500

>retard cant into words with multiple usages
Consider killing yourself lol, good attempt at sounding smart and utterly failing tho!

12597 No.62501

>Newfag can't into IDs
>Newfag can't into reading comprehension
>Newfag can't into not sounding like an effeminate retard
Literally just pointed the existence of its multiple uses to you. Nice try, though. Here, let me link you to a safer, more adequate place for your liking:

77e05 No.62503

>into IDs
When was this mattering supposed to kick in for your retardation?
>Newfag can't into reading comprehension
Oh, like not understanding every usage of "since"-kinda reading comprehension? You're trying to BTFO yourself or something?
>Newfag can't into not sounding like an effeminate retard
Post more cat memes, Melissa

12597 No.62513

You're very disappointing.

77e05 No.62520

You couldn't read to gain the context of why the specific use case was explained. No shit there are plenty of other uses of since.

12597 No.62524

Just stop talking, the disappointment is further creeping inward.

77e05 No.62525

Thank you for your concession.

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